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  10 Reasons to Plan Your Next Event with a Travel Agent  

 10 Reasons to Plan Your Group’s Next Event

with a Travel Agent

  1. SAVE TIME: Instead of searching blindly on the Internet for hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the complexity of your group’s travel plans, you can have an expert do the research for you, with your groups’ needs in mind.  Travel agents can take care of every component of the trip, whether it be airfare, hotel/resort/cruise ship, rental car, and/or travel insurance, and very often do it at no cost to you.
  2. ELICIT THE HELP OF AN EXPERT:  Simply put, travel agents know more than you. They can give you insider tips and advice, using their education and personal experience to guide your event-planning decisions in a way that provides your group with the best options possible for their land/sea trip.  They have access to the personal feedback from hundreds of clients, and their own personal travel agent network, to provide insights you can’t get on TripAdvisor or other social media sites.
  3. COST SAVINGS FOR YOUR GROUP: Travel agencies have consolidated and banded together into a large consortia, affording them unusual leverage to negotiate with travel suppliers on behalf of their clients. They have unique access to benefits that can save your group a lot of money and provide them with a better experience:  free room upgrades, spa credits, and food and beverage credits are just a few of the things that agents can get, that you can’t.  Add in hard-to-get restaurant reservations, exclusive or priority access to attractions, added amenities, and your clients will have a lot more value for their travel dollar.
  4. ON THE CUTTING EDGE:  Travel agents are on the cutting edge of what’s new; they are the first to know about a new resort, cruise ship or tour.  They have relationships with their best travel partners who keep them informed as to the latest and greatest offerings they have.  Partnering with an agent makes you look like the hero, selecting the best-of-the-best for your clients.
  5. YOU WANT TO GET IT RIGHT:  Some trips are more complicated than others. For example, foreign travel is more complex than traveling to the next state. Or sometimes the stakes are too high to make a mistake when your clients are planning a big trip to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary or a corporate event that involves coordinating multiple itineraries with people travelling from different states/countries. Travel agents can take care of all of the travel details so you can focus on the planning the event itself and making that run seamlessly.
  6. THEY’VE GOT YOUR BACK: Travel agents are experts who are constantly monitoring airline regulations, hotels, cruise ships, visa requirements and other travel services. They’ll make sure your clients leave with all their bases covered and notify you if a blizzard, hurricane, or nasty terrorist plot could put a damper on your clients’ stay.
  7. YOU WANT A SAFETY NET IN CASE SOMETHING GOES WRONG:  Travelers realize that even after a trip is planned, things don’t always turn out exactly as expected. A flight is cancelled, a piece of luggage gets lost, a passport is pilfered or a grandchild falls ill with a high fever on foreign soil. When “stuff happens,” it is reassuring to have someone you can count on to resolve problems.  You don’t want to be the one hanging on your cell phone to rearrange a flight. Many travel agents offer clients 24/7 backup by phone and email.
  8. YOU WANT A CONSUMER ADVOCATE: If your clients should have a problem during their trip, travel agents can act on their behalf to see that proper restitutions are made.  This saves you time and aggravation.
  9. TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION EXPERT: Travel agents can help prepare and organize any necessary documents that your clients may need in order to travel outside of the country.  They can direct your clients to their local passport office, inform them if they need to apply for visas, and even let me them know if any vaccinations are needed.  With the current Zika virus scare, travel agents provide information on how to best avoid infected mosquitos.
  10. CUSTOMER SERVICE WINS: Travel agents offer that “personal touch” to your event-planning experience; they offer specific help and travel-planning advice that you or a website cannot always provide.  Is it someone’s birthday?  Your travel agent will send flowers or chocolates.  Travel agents provide assistance before, during, and after your clients’ trip to make their travel as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.